• Despite the Reaper Nurses’ in-game model being in the game’s preview for Chapter 4, she was confirmed to be a stunt double model, and the real model wasn’t revealed until the YouTube channel of Glowstick Entertainment reached 33,000 subs. The old model of the Reaper Nurses’

    What the Reaper Nurses’ stunt double model is riding on seemed to resemble an old-timey self-balancing scooter.

    appeared as an overweight female on wheels that wields a gigantic sharp syringe in her arms, which could be a potential weapon.

  • It was speculated that the Matron’s name was Mary, until it turned out to be false.
  • She may represent Tomophobia, the fear of surgical operation and medication; Nosocomephobia, fear of medical places like hospitals, infirmaries, and asylums; Latrophobia, fear of doctors and various medical staffs, including nurses; and Cacomorphobia, fear of overweight or obese people.
  • Originally, as stated by Vince Livings, she was supposed to be a completely different character in 2014 back then, and she wasn’t supposed to be a nurse at all. As such, she was originally going to be conceptualized as a prison guard akin to the Spider Pig and Evil Vulture Guard, but was scrapped and was later technically changed, so they revised her concept into an actual nurse in 2015 and so forth.
  • The Matron was often misconceptualized by many people to be a medieval knight/crusader after the release of Chapter 3, possibly due to the position where she wields her gigantic syringe weapon in her arms, which can sometimes be easily mistaken for them wielding a sword, and the fact that the symbol on her mask is (coincidentally) confused to be a Knights Templar symbol while in the game it supposedly was meant to represent a common everyday first aid symbol.
  • The Matron is the second female boss, the first being Agatha, and third being Mama Bear.
  • She was originally intended to be the main enemy of «Torment Therapy» before being replaced by the Reaper Nurses. As such, she has an unused portal icon, she appeared in the teaser after Chapter 3, and she was featured alongside other monsters in the old header for Chapter 4.
  • Her appearance is inspired by the Big Daddy from Bioshock, Chris Walker from Outlast, as well as the Nurses from Silent Hill franchise. Her personality and namesake may also be inspired by Nurse Ratched from the film adaptation of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
  • The Matron is the fourth boss to be voiced, as well as the second one to actually speak.
  • In the 8th Q&A, Vince confirmed that the Matron is the fastest enemy in Chapter 4.
  • In the same Q&A, Vince described her as a «large, powerful woman».
  • In the 11th Q&A, The Matron’s personality was described as «Brutal».
  • The Matron will be found in one of the two zones before her boss fight.
  • Sneaking past the Matron and the Reaper Nurses undetected will unlock the «Stealthy Survivor» achievement.
  • SuperHorrorBro estimated her height to be about 30 feet.
  • The Matron is one of the only enemies to not have visible feet, with the other being Mannequins.
  • The Matron is the second fastest enemy in the game, with the first being the Mannequins.
  • The Matron is the third enemy that can chase Doug on wheels, with the first being the Clown Gremlins (Clown Car) and the second being the Reaper Nurses.
  • She is the second boss enemy to have appeared on the menu, the first being Agatha

    Interestingly enough, they are both voiced by the same person.



Dark Deception

The Sewer appears as a large underground sewer system filled with water, very little land to walk on, and numerous Dread Duckies floating in the water.

In the central area of the level, many lifeless duckies are piled on top of each other.

In some areas, graffiti is seen drawn on the walls, some with words, and some with Dread Duckies.

Monsters & Mortals

In Monsters & Mortals, the Sewer layout takes elements from both zones, featuring two long hallways on either end, two large chambers, several junctions, and Doom Ducky’s chamber in the center. The map features the same short spike traps used in the original level, and even includes them in the water-filled hallways and chambers like the original. Doom Ducky also reprises his role as a boss, behaving similarly to how he did in the original level’s boss and escape sequences. The level was added to the game on release for free and was originally a lot bigger. The map on release had 2 extra large chambers on the bottom and top of the map. These were removed since the map was too big and entire rounds would go by with players never running into each other.


  • In the 2014 build of the game, Bierce’s voice was heard, but she was never seen in the game itself.
  • Bierce’s earrings and necklace are soul shards, as revealed in the 7th Q&A.
  • A portal of Bierce was found at the end of an old 2015 video. When the developers were asked about it, they said that there will not be a portal for her and that it was just some old art.
  • At the beginning of Monkey Business, Bierce mentions a female «guest» that arrived before Doug. This, along with the number of soul shards in the nightmares, suggests there were multiple guests here before the events of Dark Deception, leading to some speculation that the realm Doug is in is a variant of Purgatory.
  • Agatha, the primary antagonist from the Elementary Evil level, seems to have a distaste for Bierce, hinting that they have some history with each other. This may be a hint towards one of Bierce’s recordings in which she states that she sacrificed her maid’s daughter.
  • Despite being an apparent ally of Doug, Bierce seems to have little to no regard for his survival, as she will taunt and mock Doug upon his death.
    • Bierce’s indifference towards Doug is also evident in Deadly Decadence, as she ponders whether to be impressed or disappointed that he is still alive.
    • Also, if Doug dies in any of the nightmares, Bierce will just laugh at him after saying ‘You Are Dead.’
  • It is speculated that Bierce may be the last enemy of the game, due to the portal depicting her image and the existence of a second Bierce beneath the staircase, with a suggestive purpose.
  • The name ‘Bierce’ comes from an American short-story author and Civil War veteran: Ambrose Bierce, who had a daughter named ‘Helen’.
  • Malak mentions that Bierce relies on Doug’s vision to witness what happens in each level, explaining how she can observe, react to, and comment on each of the chases.
  • In a , Bierce jests about Doug being fed arsenic tea, alluding to how she murdered her husband, Edgar.
  • Her voiceline from Stranger Sewers upon dying from Doom Ducky or the Dread Duckies

    Another voiceline she makes in the level, «Oh, but it makes bathtime so much fun. Doesn’t it?» is an obvious reference to the Sesame Street song «Rubber Duckie»

    , «Yes, your corpse will float too.» may be a reference to the 2017 film IT.

  • Vince Livings said in the fourth Q&A video that Bierce was initially designed to look like an old woman. This can be seen when looking at some of her concept art.
  • She is tied with Clown Gremlin and Robbie the Rabbit for the most alternative skins (3 variations, not counting default) in Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals.
  • Her voice line in Crazy Carnevil upon dying to the Clown Gremlins or Goliath Clowns, «It would be funny if it weren’t so sad» might be a reference to the song «Want you gone» from Portal 2.
  • Her voiceline in Mascot Mayhem upon dying, «You’ve been terminated. Humanely, I’m sure.» might be a reference to «The Terminator».


  • The Mannequins portal picture was found in the game’s files.
  • Vince Livings

    He further expanded on this in the seventh Q&A and said that the Mannequins will live inside of an «American Mall».

    confirmed that their level is a mall in the fourth Q&A video.

  • They most likely represent Automatonophobia, the fear of human-like figures like the mannequins, similar to the Gold Watchers.
    • Going with the fact their level is confirmed to take place in a mall, they could represent Agoraphobia, the fear of open public spaces which include shopping malls, or Officinaphobia, the fear of shopping.
    • Alternatively, the Mannequins may also represent Aichmophobia, the intense fear of sharp objects, given their pointed limbs and head.
  • As confirmed by Vince Livings in the 4th Q&A video, there will be different types of Mannequins.
  • As confirmed by Vince Livings in the 5th Q&A video, the Mannequins will be the fastest enemies in the game.
  • Vince Livings said in a Q&A Livestream that he went for the cone head mannequins instead of the «traditional» Mannequins because he wanted their Mannequins to look different and stand out.
  • In a Q&A video, Vince Livings confirmed that the Mannequins won’t have voice actors. This makes them the first humanoid/non-animalistic monster to not have a voice actor.
  • The Mannequins, along with Agatha, Dread Duckies, and The Matron are all enemies to show up on the end screens of chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • The Matron and the Mannequins are the only enemies without feet, as the mannequins travel on pointy legs, and the Matron moves around on a hoverboard.
  • The Mannequins’ appearance, including their spiky limbs, may have been partially inspired by the Slayers from The Suffering

    The Mannequins may also be inspired by the similar-looking enemies with the same name from other survival horror games such as Condemned: Criminal Origins and Silent Hill 2. They could also be inspired by the Autons from the Doctor Who franchise.

    video game.

  • The Mannequins, Murder Monkeys, and Dread Duckies are the only enemies without hands.
  • The Mannequins still don’t have a name, along with their level as confirmed by Vince.
  • Vince confirmed in the fifteenth Q&A, that the Mannequins are designed to be female, although he said that they can be thought of as having any gender. This makes them gender neutral.
  • The Mannequins are the only enemy to not have clothes or accessories.
  • Like the other OST’s, the Mannequins have their own unique theme within their soundtrack, with theirs giving a «retro 80’s» or Christmas vibe.
  • The Mannequins portal icon is the only one that contains no details.
  • The Mannequins are the only considered «female» character to not have a voice, as the other female characters do.
  • They, along with Agatha are the only characters to not be stationary in the end screens.
  • Vince confirmed in the fifteenth Q&A that the Mannequins are always fast whenever they find Doug.
  • It is confirmed that the Mannequins can kill Doug with all of their limbs and not just their head.

Dark Deception

Leveling up is a game mechanic in Dark Deception. The Protagonist levels up after a certain amount of Soul Shards is obtained cumulatively. Soul Shard accumulation is obtained through the completion of levels. The higher the level, the more skill points the player gets; allowing them to use it in the Ring Altar.

Leveling Stats

This is a very rough estimate of the number of Soul Shards needed to level up and the rewards/permanent stats gained from leveling up.

Upon completing the following stages with the maximum attainable Soul Shards will give the player the following amount of Levels:

  • Monkey Business: 389, Level 2 with about 1-2% until Level 3
  • Elementary Evil: 433, Level 6 with about 15% until Level 7
  • Deadly Decadence: 504 Level 9 with about 50% until Level 10
Chapter Level Skill Points Starting Lives Soul shards required to advance Souls Shards required (cumulative)
«Monkey Business» 5
«Elementary Evil» 2 5 TBA TBA
«Deadly Decadence» 4 5 TBA 400
«Stranger Sewers» 6 5 TBA TBA
«Crazy Carnevil» 8 5 TBA TBA
«Torment Therapy» 10 5 TBA TBA
«Mascot Mayhem» TBA 5 TBA TBA
«Bearly Buried» TBA 5 TBA TBA

Dark Deception, скачанная с торрента не работает. Решение

Такие версии игр использовать не просто неудобно, а даже опасно, ведь очень часто в них изменены многие файлы. Например, для обхода защиты пираты модифицируют EXE-файл. При этом никто не знает, что они еще с ним делают. Быть может, они встраивают само-исполняющееся программное обеспечение. Например, майнер, который при первом запуске игры встроится в систему и будет использовать ее ресурсы для обеспечения благосостояния хакеров. Или вирус, дающий доступ к компьютеру третьим лицам. Тут никаких гарантий нет и быть не может.

К тому же использование пиратских версий — это, по мнению нашего издания, воровство. Разработчики потратили много времени на создание игры, вкладывали свои собственные средства в надежде на то, что их детище окупится. А каждый труд должен быть оплачен.

Поэтому при возникновении каких-либо проблем с играми, скачанными с торрентов или же взломанных с помощью тех или иных средств, следует сразу же удалить «пиратку», почистить компьютер при помощи антивируса и приобрести лицензионную копию игры. Это не только убережет от сомнительного ПО, но и позволит скачивать обновления для игры и получать официальную поддержку от ее создателей.

Diary 1

Those idiots at RKO wouldn’t even give me a screen test. Selznick looked me in the eye and said he already had a dozen girls like me, wondered why I wanted to be a movie star when I had a rich husband to take care of me. I told him that was the whole point of marrying the fat pig in the first place. Edgar is having another one of his degenerate parties tonight. I caught him in the bedroom laying out his black robe and that ridiculous goat mask he got from the prop department, he and his friends like to pretend they’re such devils, dressing up and spouting Mumbo Jumbo out in the garden at midnight. Every so often they pay one of the call girls a little extra to be their sacrifice. I’d tell them all what fools they are but half of them work for the studios and the rest are some of the most powerful men in the city. If Edgar can’t make me a star, maybe one of them will.

Typewriter Entries

As Doug is somewhat reserved, he is only seen expressing his emotions and thoughts in a typewriter, the entries are produced occasionally when he has completed a nightmare.

During Doug’s past cutscene in Mascot Mayhem

«I’m still alive?»«Where am I?»«No… It can’t be…»«Tammy… I’m sorry I could never love you unconditionally.»«I’m sorry those were the last words you heard me speak.»«That’s not who I am anymore.»«He’s reading my memories. I have to escape before he finds out too much.»«No! He found me already!?»«Stop it! Get out-««LET ME GO!!!»«No! Don’t bring me here!»Tammy! I didn’t want this!»«I didn’t know she would drive! You were never su-«

Monsters & Mortals

This article contains information on a subject that isn’t considered canon in Dark Deception franchise.

Bierce returns as a playable mortal in Monsters & Mortals.

As a Mortal of the Support class she is more than average in movement speed, great at collecting soul shards, has the 2nd most health a Mortal can have at max, a fast attack cooldown, and if she uses her heavy attack on a teammate, it will automatically heal them for 5 HP but, she doesn’t do a lot of damage. Making her useful in shard collecting and healing teammates. She attacks and heals by slapping.

Her ultimate ability, «Helping Hand», when used will cause her to regen all of her health over time and will cause her teammates to regen 25% of their max Hp over time. This doesn’t work on other Support Mortals so she will need to heal them with her heavy attack. She attacks and heals with her hands via slapping.

Gameplay Info
Team Mortals
Class Support
Health 200
Speed Average (>)
Light Attack Damage 10
Heavy Attack Damage 20
Ultimate Ability Helping Hand
UA Description Bierce rapidly regenerates 100% of her health over 10 secs. All non-support allies are healed 25% as well.
UA Duration 10 seconds


Image Name Rarity Appearance
Bride Common In the Bride skin, Bierce’s appearance is the same as her default skin, but her outfit is replaced by a white dress with flowers.
Geisha Rare In the Geisha skin, Bierce has black hair and wears makeup. Her fingernails now have glowing purple nail polish. Her outfit is replaced by a blue dress with cherry blossoms.
Empress Rare In the Empress skin, Bierce has the same appearance as her Geisha skin, but without makeup. Her outfit is replaced by a red dress with two dragons at the bottom.
Queen of Hearts Rare Halloween Collection

In the Queen of Hearts skin, Bierce now has black nail polish on her fingernails, Red hair, her dress is now black, white and red with red hearts covering it, and the soul shards are now red in color.



Main Article: Bierce/Voicelines

Voicelines Audio File
«Push and pull, twist and turn, unlock the puzzle, and the puzzle unlocks you.»
«A sewer… Fitting, don’t you think? Considering how you’ve made your living on human filth.»
«Watch out for roaches. The ones down here are huge.»
«Oh, I guess roaches really will eat anything.»
«Smells like bacon fry. Oh wait, is that you?»
«The governor called. You’ve been pardoned. Oops… Too late.»
«I think you just became a prison b*tch.»
«Welcome to corporate hell. You’re just a ghost in the machine. Or you soon will be.»
«No dying on the job.»
«You’ve got to admit, that’s an impressive severance package.»
«Do you want to play a game? Dolly wants to play. She’ll feed you arsenic tea, or push you down the stairs. That’d be fun.»
«Dolly wants to play a game. The game of stabbing you in the face.»
«Dolly never gets tired of killing you, and I never get tired of watching it.»
«Dolly loves you… Dolly loves you…to death.»
«Big and grotesque, but I do like her shoes.»
«Now that’s a huge woman.»


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Diary 9

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the tag.
A woman came to visit me. She appeared out of thin air; right in the middle of the Ballroom. She took one look at me and knew who I was — said she knew all about the legend. The legend? The little fool claimed she found my ring at a pawn shop in studio city — a pawn shop. She said she’d unlocked the secret and it had summoned me, and then she said, she wanted to make a deal. She wanted to be a star. I sent her through one of the doors; told her that if she could bring me the pieces of my ring, I’d make her wishes come true. Whatever was on the side tore her apart in two seconds flat! All that’s left of her, are shards of her soul scattered throughout the halls. Stupid cow! I knew she didn’t stand a chance, but that was the closest thing to entertainment I’ve had in a long, long time.


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Banana Peels

According to the game files, the banana peels from Monsters & Mortals were originally going to be added to the base game’s «Monkey Business» level at some point during the development (possibly during the Enhanced Edition update), but got scrapped for unknown reasons. That being said, you can still spawn the scrapped banana peels into the game through Unreal Engine 4 commands. (Here’s the proof: )

Getting into contact with the banana peel will cause the player to immediately get stunned, making it currently the only trap in Dark Deception that can stun the player aside from enemies. However, it doesn’t force the player to mash the «F» keyboard button as it only paralyze the player in one location temporarily for few seconds while the screen glows orange.


  • According to Vince, the sewers to him are a place where the lost and forgotten are.
  • The Sewer is the first level that takes place underground.
  • References to Stephen King’s «IT

    The other references all involve a popular line. One is in one of the secret rooms, with graffiti saying «Float On» with a red balloon on the wall. The second is the achievement received titled «They Float». The final is when killed by Dread Duckies, or Doom Ducky, Bierce will say «Yes, your corpse will float too.» All being references to the book’s main antagonist, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the popular catchphrase is «You’ll float too.»

    » is present at this level. The biggest being the fact this is a sewer.


Agatha has little resemblance to a human child, as she has demented features such as black eyes that are actually not hollow if one were to notice the eye shines in some of her renders, and a large smile filled with rotten teeth coupled with black scar-like marks on her cheeks, reaching up to her ears. She also has long, messy shoulder-length black hair with uneven curtain-style bangs. Agatha also has no eyebrows.

Agatha’s key features are her arms with five unnaturally long, frail fingers, each with almost just as long black claw-like fingernails. The arms themselves look as they are burned or rotten, and are so long that when Agatha has them hanging at her sides, she has to bend her fingers. Due to the sheer length of her fingers, it is presumed that she is unable to clench her large, frail hands into fists.

She wears a black overall dress that’s tattered down to her knees, the straps being fastened with black buttons. Underneath the dress is a white blouse with black embroidery. She is totally barefoot, with the exception of her right leg, which appears to be wrapped in a beige bandage-like sock. Her toes are exposed, though, implying it could be a cast.

Like many other characters in the game, her mouth moves like a puppet, yet she has no audible speech impairments. Despite having a permanent toothy grin, she is able to fully close her mouth to not show her teeth.

Once she goes into her Nightmare mode, her eyes will glow bright red (or pinkish red, depending on the lighting), her skin will turn ghoulish gray, and the white of her blouse will turn red. Upon closer inspection, her arms also appear to have a bit of a blood red color between the gray and the burnt black.


Welcome Breakfast & Murder Free everyday until 10:00 AM

– The sign near the desk at the entrance of the hotel.

They are just like the Murder Monkeys. Aggressive, bloodthirsty, sadistic, psychotic, and also outright less sane; in comparison of the other enemies in Dark Deception. They also can easily kill anyone with their pizza cutters, and also can eat anyone with their sharp teeth. Due to being demonic, they still relentlessly act the same dangerous as nevertheless. Once they redeem in their «nightmare» form, they’re shown to be more aggressive, sadistic, and bloodthirsty than ever before.

As revealed through a secret note written by E in the latest enhanced edition of the chapter, they are more sadistic, psychotic, and bloodthirsty than the regular Murder Monkeys.

They also appear to enjoy making meals as much as they like killing people judging by the sign near the entrance.

Dark Deception не запускается. Ошибка при запуске. Решение

Dark Deception установилась, но попросту отказывается работать. Как быть?

Выдает ли Dark Deception какую-нибудь ошибку после вылета? Если да, то какой у нее текст? Возможно, она не поддерживает вашу видеокарту или какое-то другое оборудование? Или ей не хватает оперативной памяти?

Помните, что разработчики сами заинтересованы в том, чтобы встроить в игры систему описания ошибки при сбое. Им это нужно, чтобы понять, почему их проект не запускается при тестировании.

Обязательно запишите текст ошибки. Если вы не владеете иностранным языком, то обратитесь на официальный форум разработчиков Dark Deception. Также будет полезно заглянуть в крупные игровые сообщества и, конечно, в наш FAQ.

Если Dark Deception не запускается, мы рекомендуем вам попробовать отключить ваш антивирус или поставить игру в исключения антивируса, а также еще раз проверить соответствие системным требованиям и если что-то из вашей сборки не соответствует, то по возможности улучшить свой ПК, докупив более мощные комплектующие.

Прохождение Dark Deception Chapter 1

Обновление Dark Deception 1.1.4 не добавило второй главы, но заметно усложнило игрокам выживание в боевых условиях. Кроме того, что обезьяны стали намного умнее есть и другие изменения. В нашем распоряжении имеются бонусы, способные немного облегчить прохождение первой главы – это кристаллы, замедляющие движение аниматроников, а также бонусы, позволяющие видеть на мини-карте расположение противников, что дает нам существенное преимущество над антагонистами. Эти бонусы действовали достаточно долго, а действие радара, указывающего на положение врагов вообще не завершалось. После обновления этот полезный бонус действует только 30 секунд. Вместе с тем, в управление добавлена функция моментального разворачивания на ходу. Во время быстрого перемещения не единожды может так случиться, что перед вами неожиданно возникает противник, который бежит вам навстречу. В этом случае очень удобной будет функция разворота, установленная на среднюю кнопку мыши или на скролл. На полном ходу можно сразу же развернуться и бежать в противоположную сторону после одного нажатия на колесико прокрутки.

После такого усложнения прохождение Dark Deception Chapter 1 стало более серьезной заданием. Но если придерживаться определенных правил, то и эта задача не будет для вас проблемой.

  1. Во-первых, стоит большую часть времени передвигаться по краю карты, ведь здесь у аниматроников меньше шансов вас поймать или загнать в тупик.
  2. Во-вторых, в центр локации нужно делать быстрые вылазки, желательно тогда, когда вы уверены в том, что все три обезьяны позади вас.
  3. В-третьих, бонусы теперь действуют значительно меньше времени и поэтому расходуйте их во второй половине игры, когда соберете все кристаллы на окраинах и начнете забегать в центр зоны. Бонус возможности видеть противников на мини-карте стоит оставить на самый конец, когда только самые опасные места останутся не пройденными.

Прохождение игры постепенно открывает доступ к новым главам, бонусам в виде дополнительного контента и другим интересным вещам. В итоге должна получиться довольно обширная хоррор игра на ПК, в которой выживание будет сопряжено с постоянным риском смертного исхода для главного героя. Любители жанра однозначно оценят эту игру, которая является лишь отчасти пародией на ФНаФ. Полная версия Dark Deception доступна для скачивания бесплатно и это еще один бонус от разработчиков, не требующих денег за свои старания.

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